Saturday, March 14, 2015

Five for Friday... on a Saturday 3/14/15

I have seriously been trying to get a Five for Friday post together for WEEKS, but today I am determined to get one up!

Happy Pi Day!  Did you do anything special at school?  I didn't, but the cafeteria served free pumpkin pie yesterday!  It was much appreciated but went over the heads of my 2nd graders!

Have you heard of growing bundles?  Bundles are always awesome, but growing bundles are even more awesome!  

A growing bundle is a bundle that gets bigger over time, also increasing the price.  The bundle starts at a small price, which generates interest.  As you add to the bundle, previous buyers can download the new content.  Hopefully, the positive reviews they leave will help sell it as it gets bigger.

 I have been working on a couple of growing bundles.  One of them is Wednesday Word Problems.  Each month of the Wednesday Word Problems features 5 word problems.  The word problems are themed to fit the month's season and celebrations.  Each problem comes in a variety of formats for the utmost in flexibility!  

I organizing a newsletter!!!!  It's called The Collaborative Corner and it is designed to give EVERYONE an opportunity to contribute to a newsletter.  It is especially beneficial to newer or smaller sellers or those who are interested in a newsletter but not ready to jump out and create their own!

You can sign up to contribute to the April edition (Spring themed) here.

You can sign up to receive the newsletter here!

I really like the look of polished nails.  However, I don't have time to do them (or get them done) regularly.  I tried Sally Hanson's Miracle Gel polish last night.  It went on really pretty and I really liked it.  However, I woke up this morning to a chip on one nail.  Seriously?  It is supposed to last 10-14 days!  I painted my nails and went to bed!

I'm also looking at Jamberry nail wraps.  I tried them once before and the stayed on a really long time. However, I have gargantuan nails so I don't get as many applications from a sheet of wraps as most do, making Jamberry an expensive option.  Anyone else do Jamberry?

Parent Brag!

My sweet boy had a solo in the 2nd grade program this past week!  So super proud!  He played pluto and sang a song about being down graded from a planet.

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