Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jitter Juice

Tomorrow is my first day of school!  And my first day in 2nd Grade!  I'm super excited but feeling a little nervous.  I've never taught 2nd grade.  In Kindergarten, we do parent conferences the first day of school and then a staggered start so we didn't have ALL of our students until the 4th day of school.  Tomorrow.  I have all 20-22 students.  I'm not sure what the actual number is since all my lists are different.

After putting away materials, going over rules and procedures and explaining our open seating plan, we are going to read First Day Jitters!  I LOVE this book.  I've read it to my Kindergarten students, but they never really 'got' it.  I'm hoping my 2nd graders will.  Then we are going to make Jitter Juice.  There are several different ways to make Jitter Juice but I've found a way to put a twist on it.

I'm adding Pop Rocks people!

Our Jitter Juice will be lemon-lime pop (generic Sprite) and Pop Rocks!

We are going to talk about how the Pop Rocks are like the 'jitters' and the pop is like our school.  You may be nervous (fizzy) at first, but once you settle in, everything will calm down.

Are you doing anything special on the first day of school?

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