Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just. Be. You

I saw Mom's Night Out with a friend today.  I really enjoyed it. It was funny and profound.  Even though the situations were a bit extreme, I have felt the same way the mother's in the movie felt.  At one point, a very sad and stressed mom said "I just can't get in front of it."

I wanted to jump up and yell "Amen, Sister!"  She received some very profound advice (of which I don't remember because I was trying to wipe away the tears before anyone saw).  However, the gist of it was something like 'you just have to be you.'

Such. Profound. Advice.  Just be YOU.  


The advice wasn't to work harder.  He didn't say it was because she wasn't good enough.  She wasn't told to be more organized.


I think I do a really good job taking care of myself.  I never hesitate to get a sitter for a Girl's Night Out.  

I even take my kid to child care a day or so a week.  It's not that I don't love my son, because I do.  For one thing, he's an only child and loves being around other kids.  For another, I use those days to keep ahead.  I clean.  I do laundry.  I spend time on my TpT/facebook/blogger stuff.  

And I think know I'm a better mom when I have some time to myself.  

If you haven't seen it- call your girls IMMEDIATELY to set up a GNO.  If you've seen it, I would love to hear your thoughts.  I'd also like to hear how YOU'RE taking care of you!

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