Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Time Warp!

Dibels testing has brought to my attention just how long a minute is!  If you're not familiar with Dibels, it is a series of 1 minute tests.  At my school, we are now doing them as part of Reading 3D in NC.  One minute.  One measly little minute.  Just 60 seconds.  Just little tick tocks on a clock.... that go on... and on... and on... and on.  Oh my!  I'm always thinking how fast time flies.  The school year goes fast.  Summer goes fast.  I'm all the sudden in my 30s.  My baby boy is getting ready to be 6.  Where does the time go?

Oh wait... it all goes to Dibels :)  I think I'm going to start testing people when I need time to slow down. Then it will pass by so achingly slow, especially if they are struggling.  There must be some sort of Dibels time warp...

Are you experiencing any testing time warps?  How do you help them move along?

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