Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bull Frogs Eat and What??? A look at developmental writing...

This week, my students were writing about bullfrogs.  I've been super busy testing for Reading 3D so my fabulous TA has been really great about keeping the kids who need help at her table so I can test at mine.  Yesterday, she stood patiently by with a paper in hand.  "Here" she said.  "You have to read this."   Right away, my eyes jumped to the bottom of the page and out of my head!.  Slowly, my eyes readjusted and I started to giggle.  Bullfrogs.... eat... insects!

When littles first start writing, they start with what is often called sound-spelling or phonetic writing.  What that means, is that they write the letter/letters that represent the sound/s they hear.  Generally, they transition through a series of stages, starting with writing the beginning sound, then the beginning and ending sound, followed by starting to use middle vowel sounds and so on. Although words are rarely spelled 'correctly' in the beginning, it does make for some humorous reading.

And just in case you were wondering... bullfrogs do indeed have swag.  

What is your funniest writing misadventure?

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