Monday, March 4, 2013

Linky Party!

Guess who joined their first link-party?  That's right... it was me!  Click on the shamrock to go check it out!


I'm thinking of creating a 'educational blog challenge'.  You know how there are 'challenges' that float around the internet and facebook and each day you blog/photograph/paint your nails/answer questions to a different theme?  It would be like that, but education based questions or activities.  I am going to brainstorm a few possibilities.  Maybe I will offer one 'challenge' question a week?!?!  I could post it on TpT and other educational forums to get others involved.

I know that in order to be a better blogger, I have to blog more... duh, right?  I always think of these great things to say while I'm off somewhere.  When it's time to start writing, I just sit and stare at my computer.  All my wit and personality leach off the page.  I know there is a Blog School... I'm planning on doing it either at spring break or during the summer.  However, just like writing, reading, cooking. sewing or whatever else you do; the more you do it, the better you become.  Which is why I'm considering a blog challenge.  It would encourage me to write more often in my own blog if I thought others would read it and respond.

So... thoughts anyone?

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