Friday, March 22, 2013

Five for Friday & Friday Funnies

Yay Friday!  I'm combining my Friday Funnies with a Five for Friday linky!  Head on over to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Friday Funny #1- One of my colleagues had a beautiful baby girl this week.  A day or two before, one of my girls had seen her in the hallway and was amazed.  When we got a picture of the sweet girl, we showed it to her and all the kids were instantly mesmerized so I pulled her picture up on the ActivBoard.  The kids were ohhhing and ahhhing when one little boy threw his hands up and said 'I just don't get it.  How does the baby get out?'  My fabulous TA said, "I don't know, we should go home and ask our mommies."  It was the most perfect answer anyone could have come up with.  But.... then- someone says "Why can't you just tell us?" so I started the 'there are things we learn at school and things we learn at home.  Like today, we learned about gun safety with Eddie Eagle at school, but you'll learn about babies at home.  So if you have any questions about babies, ask your mommies and daddies at home.'  I thought we had escaped when one sweet, precious, baby said 'Yeah, and we learn about these at home.' I looked over and she had used her fingers to pull her shirt out as if she were 'developed' and was shaking her shoulders and prancing about the room.  I have to admit it, I lost it!  I got so tickled and laughed so hard!

Friday Funny #2- One of my sweet, precious babies came up to me this afternoon and said 'So and so said he saw a girl's XXXX (insert popular term for male genitalia).  So I called the sweet thing over and he automatically said 'I didn't say that'.  I was, temporarily, speechless!  How do you even answer that?  I eventually settled on 'shhh'.  What would you say?

#3  Spring Break is 5 days away!  And about 10 days too short...

#4 Myrtle Manor... OMG!  I am not usually into reality TV, but this is one train wreck I can't avoid!

#5 We had so much fun this week learning about different ways people celebrate Easter.  Today we had an egg roll.  The only part of their body students were allowed to use was their nose!  We had so much fun!

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  1. I love it when my Preppies say something that gives me a chuckle! :)


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