Saturday, March 23, 2013

2 Truths, 1 Lie--- The Big Reveal!

Earlier this week, I played 2 Truths, 1 Lie as part of a linky party. Thanks to everyone for trying to guess my lie! 

  1. I am a coupon queen. I hate buying things at full price. TRUTH! Couponing has really helped as a single mom. There have been times that we have lived off the stockpile because my finances were so tight. We sometimes eat weird combinations, but we don't go hungry :)

  2. I have more tablets and computers than there are people in my house. TRUTH! It's just me and my 5 year old here. I have a desktop, a laptop, 2 android tablets and an Ipad (which is actually the schools, but it comes home with me)

 3. I go to Zumba 4 times a week. LIE!-- I wish it were the truth though! I just don't have that kind of time or energy. I do however, go to Zumba/the gym consistently 4-5 days a week during the summer, but it is way more sporadic in the school year! 

 Thanks for playing!


  1. I am trying to become a coupon queen. But its SO Hard. How do you do it?!

    Primary Teacherhood

    1. Right now I use the binder method, because it was easier when I went shopping if everything was already cut out so I could see it. However, I'm thinking of moving to another method where you just keep the inserts and then look at the match-ups to cut out what you need. There are some great sites out there like and Depending on where you live, you might be able to find a local website. I look on those websites to get match-ups and printable coupons!


Thank you so much! I look forward to reading what you have to say!

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