Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tech Tuesday!

Hey!  Look!  Two weeks in a row of Tech Tuesday!  That's pretty miraculous!

Today's tech is coming to you from Have Fun Teaching!  Have Fun Teaching is a website.  It has sections for worksheets, coloring, flashcards, activities, songs, videos, tools and connecting (which shows you all the ways you can stay in contact with Have Fun Teaching).  The whole website is great, but I would have to say the videos are my favorite.  Now, you can get them through their website (and pay for them) or you can head to YouTube.  Here is a selection of my students favorite videos.

The worksheets, coloring sheets, flash cards, and tools are free. There is a shop where you can purchase items and downloads.  However, I think this site has plenty of free material which makes it bookmark worthy in my book.

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